Manufacturing Technician (Level II) – Westerwood Global Ltd – Co. Kildare


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: Comply with all environmental and safety requirements of WG and the Client; Scheduled preventative maintenance on semiconductor manufacturing equipment; Strict adherence to client operating procedures and maintenance specifications; Participate in maintenance activities ensuring delivery of specified green to green and availability performance metrics; Performing quality checks in line with the clients process specifications that are critical to the process; Use standard software applications (MS office) and other process specific programs as needed; Complete all required documentation associated with the process; Maintain a high standard of housekeeping and comply with all cleanroom protocols. Core Requirements: Semiconductor manufacturing experience an advantage. Cleanroom experience a distinct advantage. An ability to wear all the cleanroom required protective clothing and PPE essential. Attention to detail is critical.

Skills Requirements

Ability to understand customers quality requirement process and be responsible for customer satisfaction whilst working in a competitive team and adhering to customer protocols. An ideal candidate will have excellent organisational skills. Strong manual dexterity skills required (12 hour shifts involved). Demonstrated ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and prioritize activities.


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