Executive Officer – Employing Department/Authority – Dublin


The BAI has an immediate vacancy at Executive Officer (EO) level for 12 month contract

The Executive Officer role within the BAI is a key support role in that Executive Officers are required to provide operational, secretarial and administrative support across the organisation

Indicative List of Potential Duties:

The list of duties will depend on the work allocation for the individual. This work allocation is set balancing the requirements of the organisation and the specific skillset and competencies of the individual. Generally, the work allocation comprises a range of operational areas with one or two additional projects during the year. The list below is indicative but successful candidates can expect a varied workload across a range of areas.

•Processing and assessing of applications for temporary radio licences
•Processing and assessing of applications for Sound & Vision, the Broadcasting Funding Scheme
•Operational and administrative support for the licensing process
•Implementation of the Compliance workplan, including processes such as Annual Performance Reviews and Broadcaster


•Operational and administrative support for key organisational responsibilities such as Governance, Finance, HR, Procurement and/or Facilities
•Project and administrative support in policy areas such as Public Service Broadcasting and revision and development of broadcasting codes

This list is not exhaustive and aims to illustrate the broad range of duties that EOs in the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland are expected to deliver.

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