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Research purpose and scope
The purpose of this research is to deliver on a number of research-based recommendations in the County Louth Volunteering Framework;
Profile and measure Louth’s volunteering activities to identify where gaps exist and to explore how these are best addressed
Undertake more detailed research on the impact of volunteering across Louth and within the volunteering ecosystem e.g., health; children’s services; sport; arts etc.
Undertake more detailed research with those who do not volunteer currently to get a more detailed picture of what actions could support them to engage in volunteering
The output for this project should therefore be a report on the current voluntary activity in Louth across all sectors of the community, it’s impact and information on gaps identified during the research and how these may be addressed. The researcher should include a mix of qualitative & quantitative methodologies as well as an examination of currently available data e.g. Census, local strategies and research.
Project initiation and planning: June /July 2023
Research on current volunteering data: July / August 2023
Focus groups / Surveys: September/ Early October 2023
Report writing: October/November 2023
Report delivery: End of November 2023.
Requirements and selection criteria

Tender proposals should include the following:
A statement demonstrating understanding of the research aim and goals
A demonstrated understanding and track record in the research area
A demonstrated understanding and awareness of the requirements of the project
An outline of skills, qualifications and experience in the area. CV of proposed personnel
A work plan identifying the approaches and methodologies to be used in carrying out the project
Demonstration of the arrangements for effective communication with designated personnel so as to ensure that the objectives of the project are being achieved, that the project does not overrun on time or cost and that any other problems that arise can be resolved
Set out any issues which may impact on the cost
All costs must be inclusive of VAT and expenses
Demonstrate value for money
Breakdown of costs showing the number of days required to complete the task, the number of days each person, if there is more than one person involved, will be employed on the task, the cost per day.
The fee quoted should include all costs including travel and subsistence costs
A list of recent clients who may be contracted for references in relation to this tender.
Confirmation of ability to meet the timeframe of the project.
The County Louth Volunteering Framework Implementation Group will decide on the successful tender and may not necessarily decide based on the lowest quoted price. The weighting of scoring for proposals will be as follows:
40% Demonstrated understanding of requirements & methodology
40% Cost / Value for money
20% Experience of personnel and demonstrated ability to manage and complete the project within the given timeframe.
The deadline for submissions will be Monday 19th June, 1pm.

Quotations should be emailed with the subject “CLVF Research Quotation” to:
Kayleigh Mulligan, Manager, Louth Volunteer Centre.
All enquiries can be directed to the same email address or by calling 086 0431379.

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