Safer Lives -Treatment Programme Psychologist – PACE

The role of the Carer in My Life by Estrela Hall is to provide holistic, person centered care, promoting optimum independence, and enhancing the quality of life for residents in all aspects of daily life.
To always encourage positive social interactions between staff and residents.
To demonstrate a ‘feelings matter most’ approach to people adapting to changes in their lives.
To see all behaviourand communication by residents as meaningful.
To recognize signs of well-being and ill being in residents and react accordingly.
To maintain a positive person-centred culture within the disability houses
To establish and maintain relationships with people with disabilities based on respect and equality and that promote their independence.

To remove preconceived ideas that limit participation in daily living.
To be able to use your imagination to engage others.
To be able to make others smile.
To be able to work from the heart.

Being Person Centred
Self Comfortable being yourself at work, being self-awareand open.
Feeling being able to be emotionally warm, offering closeness to each individual.
Together Being a friend to individual’s, with no “them and us”
Inspiring Being positive and passionate, being able to make a connection with people that makes a difference
Nurturing Being able to provide comfort, security and a sense of belonging.
Respectful Being able to understand the value of life histories and using it to enhance individual well-being.
Accepting Being positive about individual’s reality and accepting of others, to understand that feelings can be displayed as actions or words.
Flexible Being focused on individuals and not routine, to have the ability to adapt to daily differences and just “go with the flow”.
Spontaneous Being able to create opportunities that will occupy individuals in a meaningful way.
Enabling Being able to create well-being and not ill-being
Supportive Being comfortable to express your own emotions and support others with theirs
Growing: Being open to learn and reflect on oneself and skills.

Other information:
Post holder must hold or be working towards QQI Level 5 Health Care Qualification or equivalent which includes an Intellectual Disability Module. There is a minimum requirement of 5 modules which should be completed within the first year of employment or as close to this as possible.
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