Data Analysts, Scandinavian Speakers – GlobeTech – Cork


Data Analysts (Cork) GlobeTech is a software development company that has nearly 20 years of experience in the Information & Technology sector. We employ Localisation engineers, Data Analysts, Testers, Linguistic Engineers, Developers, Automation Engineers and Technical translators in some of Ireland s largest technology companies. Recruiting across 37 languages worldwide with over 400 team members based in Cork, London, Paris, America and more. Job Summary: The primary responsibility is to focus on the international aspects of Dictation. Working to improve ability to accurately transcribe user speech. This role involves data transcription of audio files, and grading the responses and due a new project we now have 40 vacancies. Duties may include: Natural language processing. Speech & Dictation Analysis. Identifying potential issues with localization across all languages under testing. Improving accuracy of data. Education: Bachelors degree

Skills Requirements

Key Qualifications: Excellent attention to detail and commitment to quality. Ability to work independently and follow precise conventions. Strong grasp of spelling and grammar. Cultural awareness of native country. Good oral and written communication. Computer literacy and typing skills. Languages Required (Must have 1) Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Belgian French, Belgian Dutch. Pay: 640 per week Working Hours: â


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