Capacity Development Assessment – Misean Cara –

As a member organisation, Misean Cara’s strategic purpose is: to enable missionaries to facilitate effective development work. To achieve this, Misean Cara works with member organisations to enhance and support our shared commitment to the highest standards in delivering effective development work. We do this through our accompaniment model and provision of member capacity development (MCD) funding.

This overall piece of work will comprise the following three components:
Full impact evaluation of capacity development of 5 members through in depth case studies in Kenya, Nigeria, and Zambia;
Focus group discussions and key informant interviews with 7-10 other members in Ireland and Italy;
Online survey with up to 20 members.

It is expected that the preferred tender will be selected and contracts signed by early July 2019. The work will take place from July onwards, with final reports submitted by the end of December.

Tender Procedure
Requests for additional information and for the full invitation to tender document can be made via email to in advance of submitting a tender proposal. A log will be kept of queries, and any additional information provided will be shared with other prospective tenderers. Preliminary indication by email of an intention to submit a tender proposal will ensure you are on this communication list. Tender proposals will not exceed 7,500 words in length (excluding appendices), and will form part of the Terms of Reference in addition to this invitation to tender document. It is envisaged that the preferred tenderer will be selected within 2-3 weeks of submission deadline and contracts signed immediately thereafter.
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Tender proposals must be submitted by email to Seamus O’Leary, Learning & Development Manager, at

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