Housing Officer – Circle VHA – Dublin

The Housing Officer is responsible for the management and delivery of housing services to the Circle VHA tenants and ensuring the delivery of good quality estate management service to all the tenants by the designated managing agent.

1.     Tenant Management

To be responsible for the support and management of the Circle VHA tenants on the estate and other locations. Duties to include the following:

Ensuring that all applications for housing are processed appropriately.
Ensuring that all applicants for housing are informed of the outcome of their application and interview for housing.
Ensuring that proper liaison and communication occurs with the local authority in relation to the allocation and management of the social housing units.
Organising with other staff the pre tenancy programmes.

Ensuring that all tenants are fully informed of their tenancy agreement and the respective rights and responsibilities of the landlord and tenant.

Procuring and verifying the income details of all approved tenant.
Presenting the verified income details to the Finance Section of Circle VHA so that the rent assessment can be undertaken.
Ensuring that rental payment method via standing order, Household Budget or Giro is undertaken by the tenant.
Monitoring and pursuing rent arrears.
Making rent arrears agreements with tenants and monitoring adherence to same.
Ensuring that all void tenancies are re-let quickly and within company performance targets
Working to ensure that tenant disputes are addressed and resolved.
Preparing for any tenant dispute that requires court action and advising the company solicitor of case details proceeding to court action.

2.     Property Maintenance

To be responsible for the management and maintenance of the Circle VHA properties and the estate management service to all the residents in the estate and in other locations:

Ensuring that the properties are checked at regular intervals in relation to their maintenance requirements.
Inspecting all void properties, completing the Property Inspection Report and then ensuring that properties are repaired and clean prior to re-letting.
Establishing a programme of planned maintenance.
Organising relevant contractors to undertake the required maintenance repairs works and ensuring that all works orders and POs are completed.
Ensuring that all completed maintenance repairs are entered on SDM.
Maintaining and reviewing the quality of the work provided by the external contractors and in house maintenance service.

3.     Estate Management Services

To work with the managing agent in ensuring that that the estate management service is delivered to the social housing units in designated schemes, in other locations and to all residents:

Ensuring that the estate management service is delivered as per the agreed service contract to the estate and the different types of units.
Maintaining and reviewing the quality of work provided by external contractors and in house maintenance.
Ensuring that the different tenures and unit types pay for the agreed service charges.
Ensuring that reports are provided to the estate management company and that good working relationships are made with the stakeholders on the board of the company.
Enable the residents via the estate management company to identify social needs and issues and responses to such needs.

4.     Community Development

To be responsible for developing the estate and other housing projects:

Working with tenants/residents to establish appropriate tenant/resident structures for their consultation and input into the management of the project.
Establishing contact with and liaising with relevant local statutory agencies and community groups for the estate to be integrated in the local area.
Establishing positive working relationships with local agencies and promoting the project locally.
Ensuring that local services are linked to the tenants/residents.
Ensuring that antisocial behaviour by tenants/residents and their visitors is addressed and resolved via consultation, and any required legal action.
Ensuring that all unsocial incidents in the estate are recorded and monitored as per the agency’s policies.
Undertake annual reviews of the project and its different service components.

5.     Tenant Information Management

To be responsible for inputting information on SDM, for organising and updating tenant files and preparing reports:

Responsible for providing a properly completed Housing Application Form and verifiable income details to the Finance Section for the creation of the property and tenant file on SDM.
Responsible for updating any new information/changes on the SDM (after initial set up is complete) tenant file regarding authorised occupants, meetings with tenants, rent arrears agreement, etc.
Responsible for organising and maintaining the Tenant’s Paper File with relevant information and as defined by the company.
Responsible for updating tenant information on the tenant file as per meetings with tenants and the 6 monthly tenant summary.
Preparing information for the HAPM returns and Board reports.
Preparing regular reports as are required by the Senior Housing Officer

6.     To attend staff meetings and participate in training courses when necessary.

7.     To liaise with and work co-operatively with other projects/services within Circle VHA in relation to company policies and procedures in areas such as personnel, finance and administration, policy development.

8.      To carry out other duties compatible with your role or as assigned by the Senior Housing Offer.

Candidate should have 3 years previous experience working in a similar role

Proficient in MS Office essential
Should be energetic and enthusiastic in their approach
Strong communication skills are a requirement
An ability to work on their own initiative and prioritise tasks
Fluent English – both spoken and written is essential
Strong Organisational skills are essential

Closing date: Friday, 27th November

Applications: Send CVs to tgifford@circlevha.ie.

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