Invitation for Tender to Develop a Training Resource – Immigrant Council of Ireland

1. Introduction
The Immigrant Council of Ireland invites tenders from qualified person(s) for developing Diversity Awareness, Cultural Competency and Anti-racism Training Pack and delivery of training.

2. About the Organisation
The Immigrant Council of Ireland is an independent immigrant human rights organisation. It advocates for the rights of immigrants and their families, and acts as a catalyst for public debate and policy change. It works with and for immigrants in promoting their rights through information, legal advice, advocacy, lobbying, research and publications, as well as training work. The Immigrant Council believes immigration is a permanent and positive reality in Ireland and continues to lobby for integrated, transparent, rights-based immigration and integration legislation and policies which reflect this reality.

3. Background
Racist incidents and violence are on the rise in Ireland. As the CSO reported in October 2016 the number of racist incidents doubled compared with the previous year. A similar pattern has been recorded by our anti-racism reporting service. The far reaching consequences of racism are profound on the victim, the communities that they belong to and to society at large. The Immigrant Council has been delivering services and targeted projects in this area for a number of years and our experience has prompted us to develop further actions to effectively tackle racism.

We plan to provide a comprehensive diversity awareness and cultural competency training programme that could be of avail to a wide range of interested parties. The training aim is to develop trainees’ skills, knowledge and techniques to accept and respect qualities and conditions present in other individuals and groups that are different from their own. We are looking for proposals which would challenge trainees’ position in the society, their perception of diversity and understanding of their sometimes hidden biases. The aim of the training is to encompass but go beyond legal requirements for equality.

The Immigrant Council of Ireland has received a grant under the Ireland National Programme AMIF to deliver this wide range of anti-racism activities.

4. Responsibilities:
Development of a resource pack as outlined above;
Documenting the work as per AMIF reporting requirements;
Providing regular written and oral feedback to the Immigrant Council of Ireland;
The contractor will be supported by Immigrant Council staff in terms of administrative duties, and any other issues that may arise during the course of the project.

5. Timeframe and budget of the project
The project is due to start August/September 2017, with resource packs completed, submitted and accepted by the 30 November 2017. The total budget for the project is €6,000 inclusive of VAT and all expenses. Please set out any issues which may impact negatively or positively on the total cost.

A payment schedule will be agreed with the successful candidate.

6. Tender Requirements
6.1 Skills and Experience Required:
Knowledge of and experience in the following areas: human rights, immigration, integration, equality, anti-racism and diversity issues;
Experience in education resources development;
Good oral and written communication skills; and
Ability to work and engage in variety of settings.

6.2 The proposals will be assessed on the basis of the following criteria:
Evidence of expertise and understanding in equality mainstreaming, human rights, anti-racism and diversity issues such as immigration and integration (30 marks);
Evidence of expertise and experience in training resources development that use a mix of training techniques (20 marks);
Good writing skills (10 marks);
Cost (10 marks);
Demonstrated value for money (10 points).

6.3 Tender proposals should include:
A statement or narrative demonstrating basic understanding of the project background and current state of diversity, anti-racism, and cultural competency in Ireland;
A work plan identifying the approaches and methodologies to be used in developing the resource pack;
Timeframe for the work, outlining the number of days that will be spend on each element of the project and key milestones;
An outline of skills, qualifications and experience, please also include background information on the evaluator(s) team and name of designated contact (5 points);

2 references;
Statement of any conflict of interest.
Tenders and any queries should be submitted to:
Teresa Buczkowska at

Tenders should be submitted by close of business on Tuesday 1st August 2017. Interview with shortlisted candidates will be held mid-August.

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