Invitation to Quote – HSE Social Inclusion CHO Area 5

Maximum Budget
The price will be inclusive of all expenses, travel, subsistence and administration. For clarity, the HSE will not make any payments other than the price in the quotation response document.

The ceiling for the cost of the evaluation shall be no more that €20,000 (ex vat).
Any quotations exceeding this amount will NOT be evaluated.
Any quotation submissions that exceed this threshold will be eliminated from the process.
Quotations with lower pricing will receive a proportionally higher score under the award criteria total cost.

Intellectual Property Rights
The HSE will own all outcomes resulting from this evaluation.

Shortlisting and Clarification Meetings
The HSE may shortlist applicants.
The HSE may hold clarification meetings with those shortlisted. Applicants attending such meetings will do so at their own expense.

When will work need to commence
Any successful party will need to commence as soon as possible following conclusion of procurement process and awarding of contract. Please note it is preferable that the development of the work-plans will be completed within 3 months of contract being signed.

Context and Background:
The HSE Social Inclusion Team in Community Healthcare Organisation (CHO) Area 5 supports the development and implementation of appropriate initiatives that enhance health care delivery to ensure equality of health outcomes for minority and vulnerable communities in the 5 counties of the South East. Service users within the remit of Social Inclusion include people affected by addiction, people at risk of and/or experiencing homelessness, Irish Travellers, Roma and other members of diverse ethnic and cultural groups including Asylum Seekers, Refugees and vulnerable migrants, LGBTI service users and those with HIV/AIDS. At present, we are involved in supporting a number of Intercultural Health Projects in CHO 5.

The intercultural health work of HSE Social Inclusion in CHO Area 5 is informed and guided by:

The values of the HSE: Care, Compassion, Trust and Learning (as set out in the Corporate Plan 2015–2017)
The National Intercultural Health Strategy 2007–2012
The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) National Standards for Safer Better Healthcare (June 2012)
The Equality and Human Rights Statement of the Social Inclusion Team in CHO 5 (developed in May 2016)
Rational for Development of Strategic Plans

HSE Social Inclusion CHO Area 5 has established a Regional Intercultural Health Steering Group as a working group in order to:

Provide a forum to co-ordinate the strategic development of intercultural health work at regional level
Identify issues that need to be progressed at regional or national level and support this to happen
Share best practice in the area of intercultural health
This working group is comprised of HSE Social Inclusion CHO Area 5 staff (Social Inclusion General Manager, Intercultural Health Lead for Refugees & Asylum Seekers and the Roma Health Lead) along with Managers of community voluntary agencies funded by HSE Social Inclusion under Section 39 Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) or Grant Aid Agreements (GAA’s) in respect of intercultural health work in CHO Area 5.

In collaboration with our partners, we are seeking a consultant with experience in the area of intercultural health and social inclusion to develop regional strategic plans for each of the following key areas of intercultural health work:

Asylum Seekers
Please also see attached recent external evaluations of intercultural health work:

Intercultural Healthcare Pilot Project Report 2014-2015: A model of intercultural healthcare to address barriers and gaps preventing equitable access to health services and supports; August 2016
Towards Compassion, Care, Trust and Learning; Evaluation for the Health Service Executive of Community Healthcare Organisation Area 5 Social Inclusion’s work with Roma communities in counties Waterford and Wexford; September 2016
The following are the specific details of what the HSE Social Inclusion Services requires:

Quotation Response Requirements
The successful applicant/agency will work closely with HSE Social Inclusion CHO Area 5 staff and with members of the Regional Intercultural Health Steering Group through the process of developing the work-plans.

In order to design, manage and deliver on this contract, the successful applicant (organisation, consortium or individual) must possess and demonstrate the ability to develop regional strategic work-plans for the three care groups using a community development process. This work will be supported by HSE Social Inclusion CHO 5 staff and key partners.

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