SICAP End-of-Year Evaluation – North Tipperary LEADER Partnership

Background and Context:
SICAP is the national local community development programme. It has 3 overarching goals:

To support individuals and community groups to address issues of social exclusion and inequality
To support individuals to participate in lifelong learning, education and training opportunities
To support individuals to access employment and self-employment.
The Programme is implemented in the Tipperary (North) area by North Tipperary LEADER Partnership under the strategic management and direction of the Local Community Development Committee (LCDC).

Research Objective:
To administer a telephone survey of a 10% random sample of all SICAP clients registered on the SICAP online monitoring database (IRIS).

Key Tasks:
To randomly select a 10% sample from the client database as per the SICAP Telephone Survey Procedure and Protocol document (attached).
To administer a telephone survey with the research sample, using the questionnaire provided by North Tipperary LEADER Partnership.
To enter all survey responses into Google Form Survey using the weblink provided by North Tipperary LEADER Partnership.
To maintain communication with North Tipperary LEADER Partnership throughout the process to advise on any issues arising, progress, or other relevant information.

Please see North Tipperary LEADER Partnership SICAP Client Telephone Survey 2016, Overview of Procedure attached below.

Timeframe: November to December 2016.

Budget: Up to €3,000.

Closing Date: 1pm Friday 28th October 2016.

Contact details: Michael Murray, CEO. E-mail

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