Social Care Manager – Daffodil Care Services – Co Tipperary

Your primary functions and duties shall include but are not limited to:
To manage a Residential Centre and be responsible for modelling and leading the development and promotion of professional social care and safety practice that delivers positive outcomes for young people and their families
To provide professional supervision to the Care Team with particular emphasis on Placement Plans & Professional Development
To ensure that the social care and safety practice are delivered within a caring environment and in accordance with the requirements of the Health & Safety Statement, relevant legislation, policies and identified best practice
To be responsible for the Centre staff in his/her team
To ensure that the team work together to achieve the best possible care and outcomes for young people entrusted to our care
To promote and practice the organisation’s values
To promote excellent practice through the mentoring and supervision of a well trained caring staff who are meeting the defined standards of practice in line with the National Standards governing the provision of care in Children’s Residential Centres, and in line with Daffodil Care Service’s statement of purpose and function
To role model child-centred practice to both staff and young people
To promote excellent practice by consistently providing quality advice, feedback, auditing, coaching and standards of practice within the Centre
To collaborate with the Director of Services and Practice Team to ensure that the best possible services are delivered within the available budget
To Conduct initial and periodic holistic assessments for care managed young people
Prioritise young people’s behaviour and risk according to intensity, need, and required follow-up
To Demonstrate and investigate appropriate cultural sensitivity in all actions and dealings with staff, young people and their families
To be proactive in identifying, managing and mitigating risks
To ensure a high standard of administration and record keeping is in place in line with relevant legislation. (Freedom of Information & Data Protection Acts)
To monitor and support plans for each individual, ensuring that their needs are appropriately addressed and that regular and necessary review and meetings with HSE occur
To communicate & assist parents & families in a professional manner, being available to families to discuss any issues that may arise
To provide supervision which encourages accountability on the part of the staff member in the proper functioning of a therapeutic service and to provide this with regularity and in line with Daffodil Care Services policy on supervision
To identify ‘best practice’ and introducing those practices to the Centre
To provide professional practice advice and monitoring, evaluating and feeding back to the Social Care Leader/Staff Team in order to achieve and maintain a learning environment
To provide a safe and therapeutic environment for young people where staff can work on improving the potential life outcomes for service users
To ensure new staff members are supported into the therapeutic environment through an efficient and comprehensive induction process, including being fully conversant with all relevant policies and procedures
To mentor each staff member to develop through learning in a professional environment by providing them with and individual professional development plan, which is regularly monitored and reviewed in supervision
To actively promote the responsible use of the Complaints Policy and ensuring that all complaints are dealt with professionally and in a timely fashion
To provide Line Management Supervision to Centre staff on a regular basis and within Company policy
To monitor Monthly Reports, Significant Event Notifications and all other material that leaves the service. Review with

key workers and ensure that outcomes are met:
To participate in planning, development and evaluation of services as required
To facilitate critical incident debriefing and LSI’s for staff following critical incidents when independent of incident
To ensure compliance with the Health & Safety Statement drawn in conjunction with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 1989
To ensure all hazards are monitored, controlled, repaired and documented
To ensure all staff are provided with appropriate information, training and supervision when performing tasks which have been identified as hazardous
To ensure that the work of the team is monitored to ensure quality and professional standards are maintained and that legislative and policy requirements are complied with
To ensure that a 24-hour,7 days a week service will be provided to young people and may include working after hours, on weekends and public holidays and may include after hour duty
To contribute beyond responsibilities to his/her own team to assess, feedback and participate in policy formulation in regard to operational issues, which will enhance the future of the Service as a whole
To oversee financial management in the unit and for each service user
To represent Daffodil Care Services at meetings, seminars, and conferences
To participate in team meetings
To take ‘on-call’ responsibilities and duties as service demands require
To promote positive working relationships with organisations such as the HSE, Gardaí, schools, neighbours and other similar agencies
To maintain confidentiality at all times in line with policy
To link with HSE Social workers and designated persons
To promote equality and diversity practice within the service
To fulfil any other duties which are deemed reasonable by the Director of Services or Board of Directors
The successful candidate will possess:
The centre manager must have minimum level 8 degree in social care and 5 years’ experience of working in a social care grade with children OR level 7 in social care and a relevant management qualification and 5 years’ experience of working in a social care grade in with children.
Strong experience in and demonstrated ability to empower others to achieve
Personal attributes of positivity, flexibility and problem solving attitude as well as empathy and maturity are essential

To apply
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