TUS Community Work Placement Supervisor – South & East Cork Area Development

South & East Cork Area Development is currently recruiting a Tús Scheme Supervisor. The Tús Supervisor will work as part of the Tús Development Team with primary responsibility for supporting, supervising and managing up to 20 Tús participants each in their work placements, and in partnership with local community groups.

The Supervisor will provide ancillary support to the SECAD Biodiversity Team which has developed an outline for the creation of ‘Biodiversity Corridors’ or ‘Pollination Corridors’ across South & East Cork. The SECAD biodiversity team, or ‘The B Team’, set up in 2015, aims to promote and enhance biodiversity throughout the South and East Cork area and to do this by working closely with community based organisations such as tidy town and village groups, schools and environmentally conscious businesses. The B-team also works closely with the local authority, the National Biodiversity Data Centre and charities such as Birdwatch Ireland and Leave No Trace Ireland.

Examples of this work include butterfly and bumblebee monitoring, the management of business premises and public places using natural and chemical free methods, sowing wildflower meadows, in depth research into ways to benefit local biodiversity, control and management of problematic invasive species such as Japanese Knotweed and running education and awareness courses to inspire people about helping local biodiversity.

Key duties of the Supervisor will involve:
The identification of appropriate work placements in community organisations and settings
Supporting SECAD’s Biodiversity Team in promoting and enhancing biodiversity across South & East Cork
The supervision of participants, including monitoring time and attendance
Maintaining appropriate records in both written and computerised formats
Supervision of compliance with health and safety requirements
Setting, managing and monitoring work schedules and attaining targets
Delivery on work-specific training
Managing the output of the participants to match the expectations of the communities
Ensuring that the work of the TUS Initiative is at all times in support of the overall aims of the SECAD and the empowerment of individuals and communities
Full Job Description available on request.

Submitting an Application:
Please forward a CV and cover letter, highlighting in particular work experience and/or qualifications which relate to the job description detailed above. This information should highlight in particular relevant qualifications, knowledge and/or experience, communication skills, human resource management competencies, etc. pertaining to the post as outlined.

Applications must be received no later than 5pm on Wednesday 10th May 2017 by email to info@secad.ie or by post to:

South & East Cork Area Development, Midleton Community Enterprise Centre, Knockgriffin, Midleton, Co. Cork

Further information on SECAD can be viewed on www.secad.ie. Please note that Interviews are provisionally set for 18th &19th May 2017.

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