Strengthening Local Community Development – South Dublin County PPN

The South Dublin County Public Participation Network (PPN) through its Social Inclusion Pillar (SIP) wishes to develop a proposal to strengthen community development infrastructure, specifically referring to community groups and organisations focused on combating social exclusion and poverty, in the South Dublin County area. The developed proposal will be promoted by the PPN for uptake by South Dublin County Council as a policy priority for inclusion as a strategy adopted by the Corporate Planning Group and as an action in the Local Economic and Community Plan.

The PPN requests proposals to develop a position paper outlining:

The role traditionally played by the community development sector in highlighting and tackling poverty and social exclusion;
The current status of the community sector emerging from the changes of the past number of years;
The difficulties this presents in terms of effectively combating poverty and social exclusion, especially in aftermath of the period of austerity endured by the most marginalised;
The role that the local authority could play in strengthening community infrastructure and supporting the emergence of a revitalised community sector;
Identify the resources required and the mechanisms through which resources could be released/channelled.

The Key Tasks and Deliverables:
Development of the paper will involve:
Interviews with key people in the community sector, the local community development committee and local authority in South Dublin together with a view from central government;
A focus group meeting with representatives from the community sector;
Desk research relative to the subject matter, both from a national policy perspective and a local authority and local community perspective;
Production of a draft report for feedback and a final report;
A presentation to an arranged session outlining the key findings and recommendations.

€3,000 inclusive of all costs and VAT.

Closing Date:
Tuesday 8th November 2016

Further Information:
See attached document. Queries to or 086 170 1141.

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